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The beginning of this year I told myself I wanted to go to the beach. I love the ocean, the air, watching the waves crash against things, the sand. I could go on and on.

Things got got a little difficult through the year and figured “maybe next year” but I kept telling myself I don’t know how I’m going to do it but I’m going to.

Then i had the opportunity to go to New York City 😍 I had to make it work. So with the help of some people I was able to make that happen! I had no Idea how much knowledge I would leave with at the end of my trip!

👯‍♀️ I learned to communicate effectively. A trip with only females is bound to have some altercations and we all strayed away from that.

🗺 I learned to really read a map. I’ve always known how to read one but I’ve never been responsible for following one. It was really interesting watch how it works.

🚶🏽‍♀️Only walk when the light tells you. And even then, look both ways. NYC drivers are wild 😂

😁 I learned confidence is powerful. My ass wore a bodysuit in the middle of time square 😱🤯

😣 if you inquire about anything at a pop up stand and do not purchase anything, they hate you 😂

🤨 if you get confused, just take a step back and collect your thoughts. Think things through and make rational decisions, you’ll get through it just like anything else.

🐀 sewer rats make Raye scream 😂😂

📸 Michael Sasser is not as squishy as you think.

🏃🏽‍♀️ I can walk well over 10 miles in one day 😂

💃🏽 Be nothing but yourself. When you do that, you attract nothing but people who get you.

i learned so so many things I could go on forever lol but I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is I can put my mind to something, speak it to existence, and make it happen. I told myself in the beginning of the year I was GOING to get to a beach. I made that shit happen. I even one upped myself and went to an island 😂

I learned to let my hair down a little bit and explore. In doing so I’ve learned so much about myself in a short 4 day trip. So excited to move forward And keep speaking things into existence.

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