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Third-Person Point Of View

Have you ever felt alone?

Like you know you’re not. But it feels like it.

Like all of the people that consider themselves your friends have just disappeared? Or family seems so far away? And you can’t seem to connect your “work life” and “home life” to reality?

I feel stuck in this place where nothing feels real. Like when I’m at home and work doesn’t seem like an actual thing. Or when I’m at work, home seems like this thing that I’ve played out in my head a million times.

I’m just existing.

I feel alone.

I feel like I’m stuck in a third-person point of view. I’m just watching my life happen around me.

I’m struggling to maintain my everyday relationships.

My friends are becoming better friends with other people. My boyfriend and I have run out of things to talk about. My kids are growing and learning more and more everyday.

Decisions are relying on me right now and I am just not here.

I sometimes feel like I don’t even know what i look like. This has taken a toll on my self image. There’s days I don’t even recognize myself.

I have been working so hard lately on self-growth.

Before— I would have looked at all the negative in this time.. but now, I try to point out the good. Now— I see that I was able to realize this is going on. I am able to acknowledge the way I am feeling. And I am able to handle the situation.


Hi, My name is Caleigh Teibel. I’m 24. I am from a suburb somewhere between Akron and Cleveland Ohio. I became a boudoir Photographer with Milk & Honey in August 2019. I am in the process of following my dreams and empowering as many women as I can along the way! Including my little ones!! I want them to be proud of me. I want them to learn from me, not only in the obvious ways of being a mother, but also in the personal ways such as from my own self love journey and all the things that I have learned the hard way through becoming a woman.

I look forward to the endless amount of humans that I will meet along this journey! & I can’t wait for you all to follow me as I grow as a leader, business woman, and Photographer. 🖤

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