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A bit about me.

I have found it hard to be able to define myself.

“Tell me a bit about yourself.”

Well, (pause) I‘m 24. I have 2 kids. A boyfriend. 2 animals. & a house.


I find myself not having much of an answer when I get questions like this, or like “what’s your favorite color?” “What’s your favorite tv show?” “What’s your favorite...?” So on and so forth.

I only can list the things that I HAVE.

& then I found photography.

I am Caleigh. A girl from a suburb of Akron / Cleveland. I LOVE photography. Especially boudoir photography! I also LOVE to travel!

I hope to find myself more and more through my adventures with boudoir Photography.

Milk & Honey has already been something special to me and I expect it to only continue on that path. 🖤

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