• Raye Kelley

A New York Bitch

I am born and raised in Akron, Ohio. Just a small city girl finding her way. But at heart I am a "New York Bitch!". Let me explain this statement. I left on short notice for a trip to New York with 2 of my assistants to meet one of my favorite photographers! I did not know at the time but during the dates my New York trip was scheduled for what was my one year of my first company "Luxe Empowerment". I know it is crazy I did't know my first year anniversary date. However I am a force to be wrecken with and this year I have only had my focus on what was next to come and furthering my companies. Which leads me to this picture. This image is so powerful to me. Within this image I see all the struggles it took to get to this image. The starving 18 year old single mother. The loss of self worth. The constant wrestle with depression. The suicide attempts. The countless doctors trips, hospital visits, and the collection of pills. But more importantly I see the fighter! I see how never giving up and staying constant gets you results. I see a women, who was once a girl. She had a dream and with a camera, she got herself to New York!

She is a "New York Bitch!".

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