• Raye Kelley

Finding Yourself

I am not going to lie, I will be talking about my trip to New York for awhile. But it was such an eye opening experience for me. Like HUGE! What I really want to be open and honest about is I no longer want to be so uptight and "Professional" anymore. By no means will I be rude or any of the above. But what I mean by that is when you inquire, chit chat with me, etc. your going to be getting real me! Let me just warn you I have some crazy sayings like "Titts! (when Im excited about something, or "DAAAAAAMN Guuuurl!!" (when you look hot af). If this scares you away from a boudoir session with me or my assistants. I am sorry, we aren't the companies for you and damn that is poopy. But I am here for a good time, not a long time as I always say. And I am a HYPE girl. You deserve nothing but a hype girl during your session. So HERE I AM GUUUURL!!

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