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How to Gain Confidence

I've erased and restarted this post thousands of times. Matter of fact 2 seconds ago I just erased and started fresh again. Because it is such a wide topic. I don't want to venture off into an endless sea of nonsense. How to gain confidence. Well...

That is a hard one. It is a hard and long journey. I know personally when I set out on mine I had no idea where I was going or what the hell I was doing. I just needed change. I just wanted my girls to be proud of me. I wanted to feel like I was worth something. I wanted change. A lot of you say to me "Man, I wish I had your confidence!" But my dear you can! YOU have to be ready for change. Just like I had to be ready to accept change. I was not ready to become a business owner. But I rolled with the punches and I am currently gaining traction for my third. I can tell you all the steps I took, every small detail I have done to accomplish the confidence level I am at today....but until you are ready to listen and won't matter. If you want confidence, get out there and accept the change!

I'm Raye. Above all things I am a mother of 3 girls, a bomb ass wife to my husband, and a lupus warrior. In 2018 I received some devastating news. I was diagnosed with lupus. My life has been a world wind since then. I've found that i thrive the best when I am empowering other women and building an empowerment team. In August of 2018 I launched my first boudoir photography company that was full dedicated to empowering women. Not just through boudoir but through actually assisting them in their self love journey. I realized just how much I enjoyed making them realize just how bad ass they truly are. I realized how good I was at it and quickly rose to success. Within a year I have written self love books, boudoir guides, and became an awarded, published 6-figured photographer. I currently now use the knowledge that I've gained and I use this to empower even more women now. I do this in many ways through the art of boudoir, through makeup, or through teaching them how to be successful 6-figured business owners. I may have Lupus, but Lupus doesn't get to have me!! Follow my journey with #lupus at

IG: Boudoirbyraye Purchase my book " A Self Love Journey | A Personal Experience " on amazon.

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