• Raye Kelley

I Joined A Gang

Yes, you read that correct. I joined a gang! But it isn't exactly as wild as it sounds. Actually listen and read me to the end.

So I have this thing that I have to help as many people as I possibly can. And Im at it again. I found another way to help women.

You see in New York I learned A LOT about myself. I learned that I CAN have a full photoshoot in-front of hundreds of people. That was so nerve wracking to me. But I did it! I stepped out of my comfort zone!!

I learned that I can be comfortable in front of the camera because I love my reflection. I am goofy, I am loud, and I say what I mean. And who cares if sometimes I don't come off the cutest or smartest. I do not need to impress anyone but ME!

What I also learned in New York is I totally FEEL myself when I am wearing make-up and I though DAAAMN why can't I make everyone feel like this. Now I don't want you to feel you "need" makeup. I want you to feel the confidence boost it gives you and I want you to know you don't need it to feel like the bomb. But realistically it's a nice super affordable way to feel ya self!

And It dawned on me the majority of women I talk to don't talk about they don't want it because it's an investment. They don't even know the beginning steps to take to make the investment worth it.

Thats when I thought THATS IS! I am going back to being a Younique Presenter! I want to help you make your makeup investment worth it!!

I want to help you bring in an extra couple hundred dollars a month!

I want to help you build your dreams and your confidence!!

Now let us have a real heart to heart moment. I'll be real clear about something. Remember I mentioned I am a straight to the point person. That is just me. I am not selling to you. I am simply sharing an amazing opportunity. Wether you walk away from this opportunity is completely up to you. Being honest...I think it is wild to walk away from this. But that is just me!

There was one time I didn't love the skin I was in. I was tired of waking up every day and just throwing on sweat pants. I've been a Younique Presenter before and let me tell you I regret leaving when I did. I see now how much Younique really did for me. When I tell you it helped save my ass with bills MULTIPLE times! I am not kidding!! Back then I wasn't even as committed as I am now! Because now I value what Younique did for be back then so much more! Who wouldn't want to feel confident in their skin. YOU deserve to feel confident in your own skin!


You deserve to feel how amazing it feels to come up with that extra hundred bucks to splurge a little or to pay that bill you were stressing about. I would absolutely love to discuss your make up investment and teach you easy techniques that will get your makeup skills to pro levels in no time! Don't let the "I don't know how to do this.", "I am no good at selfies!", "I am not a make-up person.". Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone so you can grow? You must make the first crappy picture until you can make a master piece. Tell me you're ready to learn! I am willing to train you girl! WE got this! You are not alone! I want you to reach the confidence level that I have! (Maybe not nude, lol whatever you're comfortable with)

I REALLY want to see you join this gang too. MY gang. MY EMPOWERMENT GANG!! Become a Younique Presenter today! JOIN NOW HERE

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