• Raye Kelley

I'm Fighting For My Life

Everyday...I'm fighting for my life. Sometimes I forget how scary my disease can be. I still remember the day I was diagnosed. I'll never forget the moment the doctor said "You have lupus." I don't remember anything he said after that quite honestly. I remember driving to pick up my oldest the next day from school. While the two youngest were asleep in the back seat, I broke down. This disease doesn't discriminate. It doesn't care that I have 3 young children who need me. It could attack the wrong organ and cripple me for months from the pain.

My life is what I am fighting for. Everyday when I wake up I swallow multiple pills. Sometimes I have to shove them down my throat because my throat swells so much. But my voice is my driving force! And I refuse to be silenced.

Sometimes I can't keep things together. But one thing I know is....I woke up this morning while others didn't. I was given another chance to inspire the world.

While others had their's taken right from under them.

If you're reading this....

What are you doing with your chance to inspire the world?

Don't waste anymore chances.

You don't need reminding life is too short.

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