• Raye Kelley

New York & Self Love

What I Learned In New York about Self Love

Be Yourself,

Respect ones personal space.

Move like no one else is in your way.

Keep your head below the bullshit (Umbrellas),

so you can see all obstacles.

Bend against the obstacle.

Caution before crossing,

run as fast as you can.

Keep moving when you loose your way.

Regroup, and move forward. Fall in love with the walk.

When you reach your destination...

Rejoice in the completion of furthering your self understanding.

Now let us break this down quite a bit.

"Be Yourself"

Before this New York trip I would of went out and bought black uncomfortable flats because that is what "matches" and what everyone wears. But I said "Fuck That!" Im a trend setting bitch today! Adidas it is! Before this New York trip I would of NEVER wore a body suit as an outfit. That is wild! I would of felt shamed and that I was totally wrong for wanting to feel confident in something. But man when I tried this body suit on in the dressing room...I dropped JAWS! And man that was the only confidence boost needed to KNOW I needed to wear this!

Respect Ones Personal Space

For as crazy busy as New York is...honestly you barely get bumped into. You just move where you can move and continue your journey. Focus on you and only you. If you don't you will quickly see yourself becoming lost and in everyones way. And NO ONE absolutely NO ONE will stop what they are doing to set you back on your correct path.

Move Like No One Else Is In Your Way

Many times when walking through the streets of New York we had to part paths and reconnect after we went around other people. This translates back to .... it is okay to go absent for a moment to focus on you and your path. Your true friends will be right there ready to regroup with you and continue the journey.

Keep Your Head Below The Bullshit (Umbrellas)

So You Can See All Obstacles In New York during our journey of wondering through the city, it rained. And I mean an annoying misty bullshit rain that you could not escape. What that meant is everyone had umbrellas. What i quickly noticed is that people were quick to lift or lower down to avoid the obstacle coming their way so they weren't knocked off their course.

This translates back to "Rise above". But I am telling you a new version, "Stay Below". When you are rising above of the drama and bullshit you still knock into it and become aware of it. You still take the negative feelings with you when you rise above. And you stop your journey for a moment. But when you "Stay Below" you avoid any kind of altercation and go on as if it never happened. You remain aware of your path and only your path. Not once do you loose concentration when you stay below.

Bend Against The Obstacles Caution When Crossing, Run as Fast as You Can. This is a HUGE one! Look both ways before you cross EVEN when it has the white crossing man lit up. There are always going to be those people who break rules on their journey. Does not make it right, but it does mean you must be aware of those sharks.

Keep Moving When You Loose Your Way.

Regroup, and Move Forward. Fall in Love With the Walk.

Let me just tell you, it is easy as HELL to get lost in New York. And it is easy to get REALLY lost REALLY quickly. We got lost several times. What'd we do. Argue? Scream? Become frustrated? Nope. None of the above. We regrouped. Found where we were at, and where we took the wrong turn and continued on our journey. We eventually reached our destination. What it at the time we originally quoted...No. But we arrived! And that is the point of the arrive at the destination. And that "wasted time" we created when we got lost. We used it to gain additional knowledge.

When You Reach Your Destination...

Rejoice in The Completion of Furthering Your Self Understanding

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